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About Us

A Happy Story Since 1913

On January 16, 1913, Brimfield residents Charles L. Dungan and Henry A. Blundy, along with 13 other shareholders, were issued a bank charter for the Exchange Bank of Brimfield and the humble beginnings of a community bank in Brimfield began. The bank's name was officially changed to Brimfield Bank on February 15, 1979. With a rich history, the bank has remained locally controlled throughout the years, offering support and assistance for a strong economy and growing community of residents.

The Dungan-Blundy Families Era (1913-1961)

At the time of its original charter in 1913, there were 500 shares of stock issued and outstanding. The Dungan and Blundy families owned 385 of these shares. These two families controlled and managed the bank from 1913 until their interests were sold to Leland Norris of Kansas City, Missouri in early 1961.

The Leland Norris Year (1961-1962)

Leland Norris, a young attorney from Kansas City, Missouri, purchased the controlling shares of the bank from the Dungan and Blundy families in 1961. Mr. Norris, who also owned and controlled a bank in Strong City, Kansas operated and managed the bank until November 30, 1962. He sold his controlling shares of the bank to Arber and Frederick D. Johnson.

The Johnson Family Era (1962-June 30,2016)

Since December 1, 1962, the controlling shares of the Bank have been owned by the Johnson family and their interests. Throughout the banks existence it has always been operated with the utmost integrity and dedication, ensuring the safety and soundness of the institution. During every era of the banks management we have served the customers, the Brimfield community, and the
bank shareholders.

We are proud to be a part of the community we serve. Today the bank remains dedicated to their founding principles of exceptional SERVICE, VALUES, INTEGRITY, and TRUST. F&M Bank has a proud heritage of serving the community while employing the latest technology and knowledge within the financial industry.


A Paradise among Cornfields

The town of Charleston, now Brimfield, Peoria County, Illinois, was surveyed and laid out on June 23, 1836 and formed the beginning of a wonderful community that we call home. A young man, L.L. Guyer, had a dream and a vision that one day the two abandoned cabins and merchandise shop that he called home, would grow into an enchanting community of neighbors and commerce. By 1840 nearly 300 people inhabited the area. By 1840 nearly 300 people inhabited the area and Brimfield was established.

Historical Highlights

1836 Established as Charleston, Illinois
1836 L.L. Guyer establishes his merchant business
1836 Population thirty-three
1840 Population 300
1843 Name changed to Brimfield
1856 Brimfield is incorporated
1861-1865 The "Brimfield Volunteers" join the Civil War Brimfield becomes a station on the Underground Railroad

1886 Brimfield downtown fire
1888 First Brimfield Old Settlers
1910 First automobile is introduced to Brimfield
1910 Population 576
1913 Bank charter issued for Exchange Bank of Brimfield and bank opened January 16, 1913

1928 Route 150 completed
1935 Brimfield Library becomes a public library
1940 Population 618
1950 Population 880
1968 I-74 completed (I-74 Construction Update)
1974 Exchange State Bank becomes Brimfield Bank
2000 Population 933 - a 17.1% change from 1990-2000 (2000 Census Statistics)

2002-2003 Library addition and renovation project
2009 Construction on new high school begins


At F&M Bank we value the community in which we live and serve. We support and cultivate the strong economic development of the town we call home by working with the business leaders, small shop owners, proprietors, entrepreneurs, and farmers. All of them are working hard to turn profits into legacy businesses that improve the lifestyles of their families and our community.

We strive to nurture and develop the social networks in our communities by supporting education, the arts, affordable home ownership, responsible land development, and the values that draw and hold people to the places we are proud to call Home and Our Community.


Some Members of Our Community

F&M Bank is proud to support organizations who are actively involved in making our communities a better place to live:


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